SuperAMA with Swathi, co-founder of

Our #2 interview with a woman founder who happens to be one of the coolest & most helpful founders in town.

The core idea of SuperAMA series is to dive deeper into unexplored areas of talented minds & try to find that nerve as in 'what makes awesome people, awesome!'.

Why Entrepreneurship?

  • To solve a huge problem that positively impacts millions of people

  • To make a difference in this world

Tell us the story of Evibe.

  • We wanted to plan our wedding online (Yelp for weddings)

  • Nothing existed back then. So, we decided to solve the problem

  • Later found PMF for small events and pivoted to building “Amazon for celebrations”

With offline events taking a huge hit, how is Evibe dealing with COVID?

  • We tried many experiments and built a virtual party platform

  • We are thrilled to see thousands of kids & parents experience the future of celebrations from a wide variety of places across India and abroad

  • Offline events are now back to 30% pre-covid level and we expect it to come back 100% next year

How does your WFH setup look like?😍📸

What are you currently working on? 🚀

  • I am currently experimenting with a new idea in social gaming.

What are your favorite books?

  1. I love Shoe Dog, Trillion Dollar Coach, Thinking in bets, Becoming, The hard thing about hard things

  2. I am very excited to explore books on stoicism next.

How does your app stack look like?

  • I use Audible, Notion, Twitter, Calendar, Meditation app Joy, Google podcast, Youtube for learning, Gaana for music and a few physical books for day plan/review, habit tracking, sharing gratitude and journaling learnings/reflection.

What's your playbook for success?

I still have a long way to go but so far these qualities helped me:

  • Being ambitious

  • Taking risks

  • 100% commitment

  • Discovering a higher purpose in life and aligning all the life decisions to it

  • Believing in yourself and people around you

Who are some entrepreneurs you look up to?

There are many in the west but in India, I look up to Vivekananda from Bounce. He came from a small town and hustled his way to build a great business. He always strives for open access to more founders. Above all, he is a great human and I would love to follow his footsteps.

Being an Entrepreneur is hard, were there any 'low phases' in your life as an entrepreneur? How did you overcome them? 💪

  • I would say there are many “No”s and rejections we face as an entrepreneur. And I just focused on things that are in our control and took action. It has given me many learnings and also made me a better human.

  • Also, a closed circle of peers/mentors to reach out and share regularly was very helpful in this journey.

Some advice for budding founders.

Operate in a BIG market and just focus on your users, rest will fall in place.

Lastly, what's your favorite movie? 🎬

KGF for a power-packed story and all the elevations.

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